Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wisdom from Hannah

Hannah was a good mother. But she gave up a small child to grow up in a temple! Sure, she kept her promise and gave back what God gave her, but I believe there is some wisdom for mothering that lies in the verses after that*: She visited her son every year and brought him a robe that she made for him. Why does this make her a good mother?
I believe that a big part of our role as a mother, is to cloak, robe or clothe our kids with who they are.
Think of a king's robe, or a minister's robe or a judge's robe. What we are clothed with says something about who we are, to ourselves as well as to others. It helps us stand up proudly and be that. It is our responsibility, as mothers, to find out who our children are and start clothing them. Not literally, although it might include that, but with our words and our actions and our prayers. "This is who you are. You are so good at that. I know you can do this. I think you should give that a try. I believe in your ability to do this." But not for everything in life. We need to direct them with our words. Not where we want them to go. But where they need to go, because of who they are.
Who told us that our children need to be all rounders? Why can they not be bad in certain things but be brilliant in others? We should stop trying to correct all the shortcomings we see in them and start boosting the talents and abilities that they do have. But once again, this means we have a responsibility to find our who they are. I pray for wisdom daily to raise my children individually. To discipline, teach and love them according to who they are and where they are going. I do not wish to say that I am "this" type of mother, but rather that my firstborn is this type of person, the second one is that type and the next one yet another. I want to study them and help them become who they are. Lets help our children to see their strengths and to take the responsibility that comes with that strength.
I want to start making robes. A different one for each child. One that will help them, strengthen them and build their character.
* 1Samuel 2:19

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