Thursday, November 11, 2010

Midwifes, Doctors, Birth and things

I am concerned about the things I hear pregnant mothers say. I am concerned about the things that doctors tell new expecting mothers. I am concerned about how easily they believe the doctors without knowing their options, choices and in lots of cases, the truth.
Years back, I once listened to someone teling me of her birth experience with a midwife. It was a hospital birth, but sounded so rich and fulfilling. So personal and special the whole journey that my husband and I decided there and then that we will follow the same route.
The big difference that I could tell back then, without personal experience, was that doctors focus on what could go wrong, and try to prevent that, and midwifes focus on the fact that it is a natural experience that your body was made to perform. There was no fear on the midwife's side. No issues about age, baby size, position of baby or multiples. Just the personal process of a woman becoming a mother.
We are all afraid of pain and suffering. We will all try to avoid it at all cost. But there is so much more to childbirth than pain. We should let women experience it again. Encourage them to try, to make wise, informed decisions and not ones based on fear. There are always risks, but in trying to eliminate them before they are even an option, takes away the freedom of choice and the knowledge that this is a natural and wonderful process that your body was made for.  Even the pain is natural, not to be feared, and takes you into motherhood. Mentally, the knowledge that you have succeeded into bringing this life into the world, helps you cope better with the challenges that are coming- the sleepless nights, the crying, the emotional rollercoaster ride and perfecting breastfeeding. Baby enjoys the blessing of being alert after birth to best bond with mommy, who is also alert and mobile, and can fully explore the instinct to suckle which leads to better foundations of breastfeeding success.
Appart from all these mental and emotional reasons, any person can just start to read up about birth and would realise the enormity of all the physical benefits for mother and baby. Where do we start, and should I start. Maybe next time.
If you are pregnant and reading this, please be encouraged to at least read up about birth and the option available to you. Know what warrants medical intervention and what is merely the opinion or preference of your doctor. There are wonderful doctors out there, who understand, value and encourage natural birth, and it might be in your best interest to change doctors now, if you feel pressured or unsure in any way. For those of you who are interested, please take the leap and seek a midwife, one you can trust and be comfortable with.
Enjoy the birth of your baby, it is beautiful, special and challenging because it was intended to be so. xxx

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! Woman always talk about the pain first when they discuss Natural Child Birth, and not the blessing around it.
    My question is: Why do we prefer the easy/comfortable when it comes to options? Why do we scrum away from the pain that goes with it?