Sunday, November 28, 2010


I have been thinking about the conversation all day.
We were talking about people abusing or neglecting their kids. They had a choice, you know, I said, they chose to have children, now they have a responsibility to take care of them.
And that's when she said, That's why I have no problem with abortion. I kept silent and wondered. I had many friends who had abortions in college, they still remember their baby's birthdays every year, still think about them, she said. And then I spoke.
I have a passion for adoption. I find it sad that girls do not know they have another option. We freely accept abortion,and speak against keeping and taking care of the baby, but forget to tell them they have another option. That is why I wish I could talk to them, reach them at school level and tell them about the third option, I said. Talking about an unwanted pregnancies: They believe they only have these two horrible options, either keep the baby they do not want, or abort the baby. I want to tell them about the thousands of families waiting to love, adore, care for and provide for these babies. AND they are chosen and screened to be parents! They have everything to give a baby, from love to finances. All their medical expenses could be paid for, AND they can help choose the family where their baby is placed. Is this not a better option?
(I think of my little man, and wonder about the families that would have loved those babies.)
Well, I do believe in the Buddist way, that souls are searching for and choosing their next homes, she said later. I do not believe that. I know God gives one life to each soul, and He places them where He wants to. But I know she heard the point. My son was always mine, no matter where he came from. I am thankful to and have great respect of the person who chose to save his life and give him to me.

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